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Attracting Business Migrants to Regional Australia

Regional Initiatives

The Australian government introduced two-stage visa arrangements for business people on 1 March 2003. Most people interested in coming to Australia under the Business Skills category now need to apply for a Business Skills (Provisional) visa.

After successfully establishing the requisite level of business activity or maintaining a designated investment in Australia, holders of a Business Skills (Provisional) visa will be eligible to lodge an application for permanent residence in Australia.

State/territory government sponsorship is available at both the provisional and permanent residence stages, with significantly lower requirements when sponsored.

A direct permanent residence category is still be available for high-calibre business migrants sponsored by state/territory governments. This is known as the Business Talent (Migrant) visa.

Through the state/territory sponsorship arrangements, the new system will provide for improved linkages with state and territory government business services to provide the help that many business migrants need to get into business.

More information is available for people interested in business development in Australia.
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Regional Established Business in Australia

The REBA category allows people temporarily in Australia on Temporary Business (Long Stay) visas or Business Skills (Provisional) visas to apply for permanent residence if they have successfully established a business in a designated area of Australia.

The category is similar to the Established Business in Australia (EBA) category. It provides concessions to applicants, provided they are doing business in a designated area and are sponsored by a relevant state or territory government.
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