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Nomination by State/Territory government

Professionals and Other Skilled Migrants

State and Territory governments may nominate visa applicants who have an occupation that is in shortage in their particular State or Territory. It may be useful for you to check the websites of each State or Territory government to see if your occupation is on their skills shortage list. If it is, then you could contact that State or Territory government. State and Territory governments will also be able to provide you with information relating to employment, housing and schools in the region you may wish to live in.

State and Territory governments who may offer nomination are:

Nomination from a State or Territory government does not automatically result in the grant of a visa. Your application must also be assessed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship against a number of visa-specific requirements. You will only be granted a visa if all requirements are met.

Please also note that it is entirely at the discretion of States and Territories whether or not they choose to nominate migration visa applicants on their State lists or for off-list nominations.

Before lodging an application, please read all related eligibility requirements.
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