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Maritime Crew Visa

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Apply for a Maritime Crew visa

Lodge an online (internet) Maritime Crew visa (MCV) application or download a paper application form.
See: Apply for a Maritime Crew Visa

Check if a Maritime Crew visa is held

Use this facility to check if a person has a valid Maritime Crew visa.
See: MCV Online Status Enquiry

About the Maritime Crew visa

Detailed information about the Maritime Crew visa is available.
See: About the Maritime Crew Visa

Information on the Maritime Crew visa application

Outlines the requirements on the application form, compares the two application methods, and outlines the basic steps to complete an application.
See: Information on the Maritime Crew Visa application (48KB PDF file)

Further information

You can contact the department for further information on the Maritime Crew visa.

MCV Applications

Seaports Policy
Email us your enquiry.
See: Maritime Crew Visa Enquiry Form

In Australia

Telephone: 131 881

You can also contact the Translating and Interpreting Service.
Telephone: 131 450

Last modified Wednesday 27 August 2014