Continuous survey of Australia's migrants

The Continuous Survey of Australia's Migrants (CSAM) measures the labour market integration of recently arrived Skill and Family Stream migrants. Findings from this survey are used to help us to inform the size and composition of Australia's Migration Programme.

Migrants taking part in CSAM are surveyed on two occasions. By interviewing the same person at two different stages of settlement, changes in their labour market situation we can measure.This provides reliable insights into the integration process, against a backdrop of changing labour market conditions.

The CSAM was first run between 2009 and 2011, and then resumed in late 2013. 

For further information including alternative accessible format, data and copies of the survey questionnaires email

Information and results from 2013

Information and results from 2009 to 2011

Last reviewed Friday 5 September 2014


Success stories

Photo of Esther Nabitosi

Ugandan-born telecommunications engineer, Esther Nabitosi, has taken a few daring risks in her young life that have led to an exciting career at the cutting edge of the technology sector, where few other women have ventured.