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We have a range of publications on the services we provide.

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Translated publications

We offer a broad range of translated resources and services to people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

To access translated information about our services visit the Translated resources page.​

Discussion papers

A list of discussion papers on a range of issues is available on the Discussion papers page.

Responses to Ombudsman's assessments

Responses to Ombudsman's assessments are available on the Responses to Ombudsman's assessments​ page.

Government responses

The Government responses​ page lists Government responses to reports and recommendations.

Reports, independent reviews and submissions

Reports from the Australian Human Rights Commission, independent reviews and submissions can be accessed from the Reports, independent reviews and submissions​ page.​​​


Success stories

Andy and Dawn with their children

When Andy and his wife Dawn headed to London from their home near Brighton for an Australian jobs expo, they had no idea they were taking the first steps on a journey that would take them to a new life half-way around the world.