Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy

The department's ICT Strategy is a key supporting long-term plan that supports our Strategic Intent and provides direction for ICT planning and investment for 2014-15. It also informs staff, industry and partners on the department's likely strategic direction for ICT over the next three years.

In order to achieve the departmental Strategic Intent, the ICT Strategy sets out a vision to deliver technology 'as a service' to meet portfolio outcomes, underpinned by a strong service culture from a professional ICT workforce.

The three strategic priorities for the ICT Strategy are:

  • Get the fundamentals right. Stabilise the ICT environment so that we can deliver reliable services. This will include delivering improved offshore services and sourcing commoditised services from industry.
  • Build on the fundamentals. Leverage the stabilised ICT environment to deliver new and innovative services. This will include establishing a big data strategy and improving our critical platforms including consolidation to a single visa platform and improving the integrity of client information.
  • Improving the way we work. This includes a focus on professionalisation of our ICT workforce, the establishment of a Technology Services Division (TSD) business engagement team, improving processes and delivering an ICT workforce plan. Improved ICT investment will also be a priority through establishing a baseline for the cost of delivering core ICT services and optimising governance processes for ICT investments.

The ICT Strategy was endorsed by the Executive Committee on 25 June 2014.
See: The ICT Strategy 2014-15 (750KB PDF)
See: The ICT Strategy 2014-15 (HTML)

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