Migration Fraud

Fraud is a criminal offence in Australia and can lead to severe penalties for those involved. The following pages detail how you can protect yourself from Migration Fraud, what is considered document fraud, and information about the consequences. You are responsible for your application, even if someone else completes it for you.

Preventing and reporting fraud is everyone's responsibility.

Protect Yourself from Migration Fraud

Protect yourself from migration fraud and keep yourself safe online by being aware of the ways people may try to take advantage of you or your situation. Learn what type of help you can provide to people applying for a visa if you are not a registered agent.

Help Fight Against Migration Fraud

How to report someone involved in migration fraud or unregistered agent activity.

Email and Internet Scams

Keep yourself safe online by knowing how to identify non-genuine websites and fraudulent emails.

Giving Migration Advice in Australia

Learn what you can and cannot do if you are not a registered agent and you are helping someone apply for a visa. There are serious penalties for those who do the wrong thing.

A summary sheet of this information is available including translated versions.
See: Migration Fraud Summary

Document Fraud

Know what your responsibility is when applying for a visa or providing the department with information. Providing fraudulent documents and false or misleading information can result in severe consequences.


Australian employers can sponsor overseas skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis and check worker entitlements.

Working Holiday

For people aged between 18 and 30 from arrangement countries to have an extended holiday supplemented by short-term employment.

Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)

Information on the introduction of the ANZSCO occupation classification standard for visa skills assessments, and transitional arrangements for persons who have already had their skills assessed against the former Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) standard.

Visa Options Comparison Charts

Comparison charts of visa options for overseas skilled workers and employer sponsored options.