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On 2 June 2014, the following visas were repealed and closed to new applications:

  • Parent visa (subclass 103)
  • Aged Parent visa (subclass 804)
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 114)
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 838)
  • Remaining Relative visa (subclass 115)
  • Remaining Relative visa (subclass 835)
  • Carer visa (subclass 116)
  • Carer visa (subclass 836).

All applications lodged before 2 June 2014 will continue to be processed. Applications not yet assigned a queue date will be first assessed against the relevant criteria in the order they are lodged. Applications currently in the queue for this visa, or that have been released from the queue, will be considered for final processing when a place becomes available.

For more information see Closing of Non-Contributory Parent and Other Family visas.

Family Members

There are a number of migration options for fiancés, partners, children, and parents of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens.

Returning Residents

For current or former Australian permanent residents, or former Australian citizens to re-enter Australia.

Certificate of Status

Certificates of Status are for clients who need evidence of their immigration status in Australia. They are not proof of identity documents.


There are a number of visa options available for people who want to migrate permanently to Australia and who have the required skills and qualifications.

Business People

For people to come to Australia for a business-related visit. Also for people to establish, manage or develop a new or existing business, or invest in Australia.

Refugee or Humanitarian Entrants

Information for people seeking assistance under the refugee and humanitarian program.