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Migration Programme statistics

The migration programme figures are made up of the total number of visas issued overseas, plus the number of permanent residence approvals for people who have come to Australia as temporary entrants, and then applied to remain permanently.

The below graphic shows a pictorial representation of the current Migration Programme and the historical trend.

Migration to Australia 2014-15. Please click on this image to view the graphic in a higher resolution.

The purpose of migration is to build the economy, shape society, support the labour market and reunite family.

Of people migrating to Australia, 68 per cent are skilled migrants and 32 per cent are from family visa streams. This is further broken down to:

  • Skill: 38 per cent employer sponsored, 34 per cent skilled independent, 22 per cent state, territory and regional nominated and 6 per cent business
  • Family: 79 per cent partner, 14 per cent parent, 6 per cent child and 1 per cent other.

The migration programme size and composition is flexible and changes over time, from a smaller programme with mostly family migrants in 1993-94 to a larger programme with more skilled migrants in 2013-14. Planning levels are set by the government each year and the size and composition changes to meet the social and economic needs of Australia. Full statistics and further details are available.
Migration programme statistics
Migration to Australia since federation: a guide to the statistics (330KB PDF)​
Fact Sheet 20 - Migration programme planning levels

Reports on Migration Programmes

Reports on the permanent Migration Programme outcomes against planning levels since program year 2007–08.
Note: The Migration Programme 2010–11 report was updated on 18 August 2011 to provide data clarification on page 12.

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