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Statistical publications

Publications on asylum statistics and related publications.

Migration program statistics

Migration program figures.

Humanitarian program statistics

Australia's humanitarian program.

Net overseas migration statistics

Net Overseas Migration statistical publications including NOM forecasts, regional NOM estimates and historical estimates.

State and Territory statistics

Statistical publications and links to pivot tables with a state dimension.

Overseas arrivals and departures statistics

The number of movements by type of traveller, including settlers, students, temporary residents and visitors.

Historical migration statistics

Statistical data on migration from 1945 – covering settler arrivals, permanent additions, the migration program, humanitarian program and population.

Temporary entrance statistics

Statistical data on student and visitor visa grants and temporary entrants present in Australia at a particular date. These include:

Settlement and demographic information

Settlement Reporting Facility
Custom reports and summary reports from the Settlement database.

Migration agent activity reports and statistics

Migration agent activity reports and statistics on the migration advice industry in Australia, including the number of agents registered, complaints and sanction decisions, appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, litigation and investigations by the department.

Australian citizenship facts and statistics

The number of people who become Australian citizens each year.

Immigration detention statistics

Statistics on the number of detainees in immigration detention are updated on a regular basis.

Onshore processing statistics

Statistics on the release of illegal maritime arrivals on Bridging E visa.

Country profiles

A series of reports containing key statistical information on permanent and temporary migration trends, emigration and population for Australia's main migrant source countries.

Other related links

Community information summaries, settlement reports, Australian and international research institute and government statistical links.