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Immigration - Federation to Century's End

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See: Full Report (737KB PDF file

For quicker download, the report has also been split.

Part 1
Foreword, Contents and Introduction (51KB PDF file)
Part 2 Timeline 1901 to 1968 (201KB PDF file)
Part 3 Timeline 1969 to 2001 (281KB PDF file)
Part 4 Country of Birth, Top Ten Countries of Birth, Net Overseas Migration, Settler Arrivals since the Second World War, Sex Ratios and Median Age (101KB PDF file)
Part 5 Immigration and Population History of Selected Countries of Birth, Explanatory Notes and References (130KB PDF file)

This publication is an overview of the migration and population history of Australia in the 20th century, bringing together data from a variety of sources. The main sources are the statistical collections of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. In particular, extensive use has been made of the national Censuses. The contents of the publication allow anyone interested in Australian immigration or population history to study the process of change that occurred in the population in the 20th century.