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Palmer Report: Two Years of Progress

It is nearly two years since the Palmer and Comrie reports set out in detail the serious mistakes which were made in the detention of Cornelia Rau and the removal from Australia of Vivian Alvarez. These reports and the subsequent reports by the Ombudsman have provided the major catalyst for comprehensive business and cultural change in the department.

Palmer report – two years of progress – information sheets

Information about the progress made against the recommendations in the Palmer Report.
The Secretary’s introduction (161KB PDF file)
Compliance reforms (214KB PDF file)
Immigration detention reforms (203KB PDF file)
Case management (204KB PDF file)
Client services (290KB PDF file)
Stakeholder engagement (286KB PDF file)
College of Immigration (200KB PDF file)
Systems for People (217KB PDF file)
Quality assurance (202KB PDF file)
Better governance (215KB PDF file)