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A life cut short

Letter to the Editor – Griffith Area News
28 September 2010

Dear Sir/Madam

Your article about the tragic death of Josefa Rauluni ('A life cut short' 24/09/10) contains a number of inaccuracies which require correction.

We can fully understand and sympathise with the grief of the Raulini family at this time. But claims that the department has not been in contact with family members are false. The department has been in touch with family members from the time this tragedy occurred and will remain available to speak to them should they wish to do so.

Further claims that the department 'came in the dead of night' and misled Mr Rauluni about his detention at Villawood are also completely false. Mr Rauluni was detained in daylight during a routine compliance operation at several locations in the district. Officers explained that he was being detained and transported to Villawood Immigration Detention Centre because he was an unlawful non-citizen who had failed to make departure arrangements from Australia.

The department extends its sincerest sympathy to Mr Rauluni's family and friends, and will continue to offer appropriate support and advice.

Beyond this, we believe it entirely unhelpful to intervene, in what will ultimately result in, a coronial inquest and its own findings.

Sandi Logan
National Communications Manager
Department of Immigration and Citizenship