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Community Status Resolution Service

No visa? Bridging visa E?

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The Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) is part of the department. It works with people in Australia who have:

  • been granted a Bridging visa E (BVE) while they resolve an immigration matter
  • overstayed their visa.

The CSRS will give you clear and correct information about appropriate immigration or departure options, answer your questions and connect you with organisations for further assistance if needed.

Why talk to the Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS)?

If you approach us and work with your case officer, we can grant you a BVE which temporarily allows you to remain in Australia while your immigration matter is resolved. BVEs are most commonly used where:

  • a visa application is being considered
  • a legal process is underway
  • a person is making plans to depart Australia.

You have a choice - you can do something about your situation now.

If your visa has just expired, you should come and see us as soon as possible to apply for a new visa. There are incentives for approaching the CSRS within 28 days of your visa expiring. The sooner you see us, the more options you will have.

Contact us

You can phone CSRS for information about expired visas or BVEs. You can do this anonymously and seek general information or you can speak to the operator in more detail about your circumstances.
1300 853 773
131 450 (for interpreting assistance)

To be granted or to renew a BVE, you will need to visit the CSRS at a departmental office in your capital city.

More information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Information About Expired Visas

The following fact sheets contain more information about our approach to working with people in the community.
Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) fact sheet
Choosing to leave Australia fact sheet
Re-entry bans fact sheet
Requesting Ministerial Intervention fact sheet

In Australia, only registered migration agents and certain people are legally allowed to give migration advice. More information is available about using migration agents, including a video of things to know of when using a migration agent.
Using a Migration Agent

Visit the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority for a list of migration agents in Australia and their contact details.

Translations for community languages is available at Community Status Resolution Service - Information in community languages

Last reviewed Thursday 23 January 2014

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