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Millions of people travel to Australia each year to work, visit, study, or settle permanently. The vast majority of visitors comply with their visa conditions and with departmental requirements.

Despite the department's prevention strategies, a small number of people enter the country illegally, break our laws or fail to leave when their visas expire. Our priority is to locate and appropriately respond to people that pose a high risk to our national security, the integrity of our migration program and to the Australian community.

We are also committed to managing other compliance issues such as combating illegal working, identifying fraudulent migration claims and documentation, and working cooperatively to resolve long-term visa overstayers.

Staying Legally in Australia

Information on expired visas.

Working Legally in Australia

Information on non-citizens working unlawfully and how you can check if your visa allows you to work in Australia.

Employing Legal Workers

This page contains information for employers on hiring legal workers. It includes information and support material on employer sanctions including the civil penalties and infringement notices that will commence in 2013.

Community Status Resolution Service

Information about how the department works with clients in the community who need extra assistance to resolve their immigration status.

Illegal Maritime Arrivals

General information for people who arrived in Australia by boat without a visa.