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Irregular Entry Prevention

People who arrive in Australia without lawful authority either come on their own accord without any involvement by organisations, or their travel is organised by criminal networks and/or people smuggling syndicates.

People smuggling involves the illegal movement of people across international borders, usually for payment. This implies a voluntary agreement between the organiser and the person being smuggled.

Not all people who have arrived in Australia without a visa use the services of people smugglers. Some people organise their travel and use the facilities offered by those who provide fraudulent travel documents and other forms of identity.

The department has established various networks as part of their preventative strategy in place to support the integrity and security of Australia's border.

Combating People Smuggling and Unauthorised Arrivals

How the department combats people smuggling and unauthorised arrivals using onshore intelligence, offshore compliance operations, the IMtel system and Airline Liaison Officers.

Remote Area Management

Initiatives for providing services in remote areas, such as Torres Strait, to facilitate people movement and border protection.

Arrangement with Malaysia on Transfer of Offshore Entry Persons and Resettlement of Refugees

The Government is aware of the High Court’s judgement and is examining its findings.

The Government is committed to breaking the people smuggling model and removing the incentive for individuals to use people smugglers. We will continue working with countries in the region and international organisations to develop a sustainable regional response to irregular migration.

Last reviewed Wednesday 27 August 2014