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Life in Australia book

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This book provides information about Australian history, culture, society and the values we share to help you understand the values statement before you sign.

If you are applying for a provisional or permanent visa, you need to read, or have had explained to you, the Life in Australia book before you sign the values statement.

If you have difficulty, or are unable to read the book, ask a friend or family member to explain the contents to you. Alternatively, you may have the content of the book explained to you by your sponsor or your agent if you have one, or by a departmental officer.

Other residents of Australia may also find the book useful, particularly those who work with migrants or who have relatives or friends who have recently arrived in Australia.

Online version of the book

The Life in Australia book is available online.

Full Version
Life in Australia (1.1MB PDF file)

Series of files
Part One (623KB PDF file)
Part Two (432KB PDF file)
Part Three (137KB PDF file)

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Life in Australia translated versions

Life in Australia has been translated into community languages commonly spoken by Australian migrants.

Amharic (1.8MB PDF file)
Arabic (1MB PDF file)
Bosnian (1MB PDF file)
Chinese (1.6MB PDF file)
Croatian (1MB PDF file)
Dari (1MB PDF file)
Dinka (1MB PDF file)
Farsi (1MB PDF file)
French (1MB PDF file)
German (1MB PDF file)
Greek (1MB PDF file)
Hindi (1MB PDF file)
Indonesian (1MB PDF file)
Italian (1MB PDF file)
Japanese (1.3MB PDF file)
Khmer (1.2MB PDF file)
Korean (1.3B PDF file)
Macedonian (1MB PDF file)
Portuguese (1MB PDF file)
Russian (1MB PDF file)
Serbian (1MB PDF file)
Sinhalese (1.1MB PDF file)
Somali (1MB PDF file)
Spanish (1MB PDF file)
Tamil (1MB PDF file)
Thai (1.3MB PDF file)
Tigrinya (1.3MB PDF file)
Turkish (1MB PDF file)
Vietnamese (1MB PDF file)