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Electronic Travel Authority Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Electronic Travel Authority?

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) provides authorisation for non-Australian citizens to travel to and enter Australia and is electronically linked to your passport. It is for short term stays for either tourism or business visitor activities.

What do I need to make an application?

To make an application for an ETA through the ETA website you need your valid passport, email address and a credit card.

The department accepts payment by American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard or Visa.

How do I apply for an ETA online?

To apply for an ETA online, go to the ETA website. You must be outside Australia and intending to visit for tourism or business visitor activities.

To apply for an ETA online you must hold a passport from one of the following countries or region:

If you do not hold a passport from any of the above countries or region, you cannot apply for an ETA online. You might be eligible to apply for an ETA through a travel agent, airline or an Australian visa office. Alternatively, you might be eligible to apply for other types of online visitor visas.

It is important that the details provided for your ETA application are exactly the same as they appear in your passport.

As part of the application/approval process, you will be issued with a Reference Number. You will need the Reference Number to check the status of your ETA or your application.

How long can I stay In Australia?

The ETA will allow you to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months for each visit.

I am planning a holiday for more than three months in Australia. What should I do?

You will need to apply for a visa which allows for a longer stay in Australia.

How secure is credit card payment through this site?

Payments by credit card are processed through the internet payment gateway operated by SecurePay. SecurePay provides a secure method for authorising credit card transactions electronically and has been specifically evaluated and approved by the providers of the credit cards you can use on this site.

Your credit card details are encrypted the moment they are transmitted by you and are encrypted as they are transmitted through to the banking network. If your browser does not support the level of encryption required by this site, you will not be able to apply for an ETA.

What browsers can I use on this site?

To ensure the security and privacy of your information, this site uses a secure protocol (HTTPS) for all transmissions of personal data between your browser and the site. This means that your browser must be able to support HTTPS. The site will attempt to establish a secure session using 128 bit encryption. If the browser does not support this level of encryption, then the session will not be established and you will not be able to submit an application for an ETA.

Specifically, the site will work with the following browsers:

If you cannot connect to the 'Apply' or 'Check' components of this system from a site behind a firewall, the firewall can be preventing the establishment of a secure connection. You will need to speak to your webmaster or Internet Service Provider.

What can I do if my browser does not support secure protocols?

If your browser does not support the secure protocol (HTTPS), you should update your browser. The most recent versions of commonly used browsers can be downloaded free of charge from the web sites of the suppliers.

What can I do if I am not eligible to apply through this site?

If you are not able to apply for an ETA online you might be eligible to apply for an ETA through a travel agent, airline or an Australian visa office. Alternatively, you might be eligible to apply for other types of online visitor visas.

Is the application form available in other languages?

Online ETA applications are available in English and Japanese. For Japanese, select the Japanese icon in the top right corner of the ETA home page.

Do age restrictions apply?

No. Eligible passport holders of all ages can apply for an ETA.

Can I include my children in the same online ETA application?

No. All family members must make separate ETA applications. Even if your children travel on your passport, they will need an individual ETA application.

The online ETA system can be used to apply for an ETA for members of your family travelling with you provided they also meet all the online ETA eligibility criteria.

How long will my ETA take to process?

In most cases, you will be informed of the result of your application before leaving the online ETA system. Some applications might require additional processing. If your application is not processed immediately, check back in 12 hours via 'Check an ETA' to confirm if your application is approved.

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

It is important that you are very careful when you enter your personal details.  You will have an opportunity to review all the details you have provided and can change the details at any time until you confirm all details as correct.

If you have made an error, it is important that you correct it before proceeding. Once you have confirmed the details, your credit card will be debited for the non-refundable service charge.

If you find out later that you have made a mistake, you can either make a new application (and incur another service charge) or contact your nearest Australian visa office.

How will I know if my ETA application requires further processing?

You will be advised while on the ETA website if your application requires additional processing. Use 'Check an ETA' in 12 hours to confirm if your application is approved.

What happens when applications are not approved?

If your application is not approved you should finalise your application through the nearest Australian visa office.

My application for an ETA was unsuccessful, can I get my $20.00 back?

No. The service charge is non-refundable.

However, if you are referred to an Australian visa office to follow up your application for an ETA, you will not be charged another ETA service fee.

What if I already hold a current visa for travel to Australia?

If you already hold a current visa for travel to Australia, you will be notified during the application process and you will be given the option of whether to proceed with your application.

If you proceed, any ETA granted will not begin until your current visa or ETA expires.

Why do I need to indicate that I have an Alias?

When travelling to Australia we need to ensure that you have a valid visa.

If you have used a slightly different name on your ETA application to that on your passport, knowing that you have an alias or another spelling of your name will help us check that you do have a valid visa.

Why do I need to indicate that I have a Criminal Conviction?

If you have a criminal conviction and have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more, you should not be applying for an ETA.

If you are found to be in breach of any condition, your visa can be cancelled in immigration clearance and you will not be able to enter Australia.

What conditions apply to my ETA?

Important: You might not be permitted to enter Australia unless you are in good health and have no significant criminal convictions. You should note that you must depart Australia before your authorised stay period expires. If you do not, you can be detained and/or removed from Australia. Overstaying might also affect your ability to be granted another Australian visa, including an ETA, in the future. If circumstances arise while you are in Australia that require you to stay longer than the three months permitted by your ETA, you must obtain another visa from an Australian visa office in Australia before the end of the three month stay period.

I am an Australian citizen with citizenship with other countries as well. Do I need an ETA to visit Australia?

Australian citizens have an automatic right of entry and do not need a visa or an ETA to enter Australia.

Why am I not receiving emails from the department?

To ensure you receive emails from the department:

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