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Multicultural Liaison Officer Program, Victoria Police

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In 2000 Victoria Police established ten Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO) positions to actively promote and maintain harmonious relationships between the police and Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Each of the five police regions was provided with two positions which were filled by sworn officers of the senior constable rank. More recently, the needs of each of the regions have created an opportunity to expand the program, which now boasts a further five sworn officers. These police are performing this role either in a dedicated capacity or as part of a broader community liaison role.

What are the aims of the project?

The program aims to provide a dedicated uniformed position that will provide advice to operational police for better service delivery to the region's multicultural communities.

The MLO's help multicultural communities understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and explain how to access Victoria Police services. They also help develop educational programs on multicultural policing issues.

MLO's consult and liaise with region's multicultural communities and agencies on issues of mutual interest and liaise with other government and non-government service providers at the local level. They also actively promote police recruitment within the communities and participate in many forums relevant to multicultural policing.

What was involved?

Once members were appointed to these positions, the creation of Regional Multicultural Liaison Units became the next step in the evolution of the program.

The Units were then located in areas of greatest need, which was determined by a process of consultation with community, regional command, and through community profiles via the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

What are the outcomes?

The MLOs are now a vital part of the Victoria Police proactive policing program. Their services are called upon frequently to assist with many issues impacting both police and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

photo of Multicultural Liaison Officer Program

Where do I get more information?

Multicultural Advisory Unit
Victoria Police
Telephone: 03 9247 6911
Email: multicultural.advisory.office@police.vic.gov.au
Website: Victoria Police

See also: Australian Cultural Orientation (AUSCO) program


"These communities now feel more able to access policing services through the relationships that have been forged since their appointment."
Victoria Police