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About Immigration Health

Immigration Health assesses and processes offshore Immigration health examinations.

Immigration Health assists panel members, Australian missions and health services in Australia with information, support and expert advice. It provides a single point of contact for all offshore immigration health related enquiries for panel members and departmental staff.

Established in February 2008, Immigration Health (formerly known as the Health Operations Centre) incorporated the work of the Global Medical Unit (GMU), the Local Clearance Unit (LCU) and the Health Assessment Service (HAS), which included the health undertaking service.

What does Immigration Health do?

Immigration Health is responsible for operational issues related to health and health processing in the department.

More specifically, Immigration Health manages the international panel physician network, including:

  • keeping the contact details of panel members up to date
  • appointing and removing panel members including doctors, their locums and chief radiologists
  • communicating changes in process and policy to panel members
  • producing information newsletters for panel members
  • organising and conducting onsite audit visits of panel clinics
  • auditing health examinations
  • answering procedural questions
  • providing advice on medical issues to the panel members
  • investigating health related complaints and issues.

Where is Immigration Health located?

Immigration Health is located in Sydney, Australia.

How do I contact Immigration Health?

Panel Physicians may contact Immigration Health by the web enquiry form, email, fax, telephone or post. We prefer that you use the web enquiry form or email wherever possible.
See: Contact Us

Note: Applicant queries regarding specific cases should be directed to the Department's relevant case officer or processing centre.

How quickly will Immigration Health respond to my questions?

If Immigration Health is not immediately available to answer your query we will usually get back to you within three working days.

What if there is an emergency?

If you have an emergency and Immigration Health is not available you can contact your local departmental office outside of Australia (Embassy/Consulate/High Commission) for help. The local office will assist in contacting an Australian immigration Medical Officer for advice in emergency situations.
See: Immigration Offices Outside Australia