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Working with the Department - the General Skilled Migration Program

The department recognises that agents play an important part in delivering our programs, and acknowledges their contribution in providing well-constructed and complete applications. This helps the department to process applications quickly and efficiently and benefits our mutual clients.

Improving processing times - how agents can help

When lodging General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications agents can assist the processing centres in the following ways: 

  • provide submissions that clearly explain the relevance of information and documentation included in the application
  • lodge decision ready applications for those applications nearing assessment (see below for more information)
  • use the appropriate checklists to ensure that all required information and documentation is included
  • attach documents and forms online through the eVisa system for applications lodged online
  • check current allocation dates on our website before seeking updates about the progress of an application.

When lodging GSM applications agents should be aware that:

  • priority processing arrangements apply to certain GSM visas. The priority processing order for GSM visas is available on our website
  • departmental case officers must follow the direction made by the minister about priority processing. Case officers are not able to consider requests to process individual applications outside of the order set out in these processing priority arrangements
  • applications are allocated to a case officer depends on a number of factors, including priority group of the application and visa subclass applied for.

See: Fact Sheet 24a - Priority Processing for Skilled Migration Visas

Lodging decision-ready applications

It is preferred that applications in the higher priority groups which are nearing assessment are submitted with all relevant information and supporting documentation, including health and character where possible. Agents can determine when it is likely that a GSM visa application will move into the allocated date range by regularly checking the allocation dates online.
See: GSM Visa Applications Allocation Dates

Clients who lodge a paper visa application and are outside of Australia will not be able to undertake health checks before lodging their application, as they require a 'Health Examinations List'. The GSM Processing Centres will not be able to provide the 'Health Examinations List' to clients until after the case is allocated and an assessment has been undertaken. For further information.
See: Meeting the Health Requirements

Attaching documents to online applications

If completing an online application agents must upload all relevant supporting documentation through the eVisa system. Guidance in attaching documents to a GSM application through the eVisa system is available on our website.
See: Attaching Documents to a General Skilled Migration Visa Application

Allocated GSM applications

Once an application has been allocated to a case officer for further assessment, agents will be notified and provided with a team email address for all future correspondence and enquiries. 
Additional documentation or forms for allocated applications lodged online must be attached online through the eVisa system. Additional documentation or forms for allocated paper lodged applications should be scanned and sent directly to the case officer using the team email address once provided.

Unallocated GSM applications

If you have lodged an application that has not yet been allocated to a case officer agents can check when the application is likely to be allocated by regularly reviewing the published allocation dates on our website. Please check the allocation dates information before contacting this office.
If You Have Already Lodged a GSM Application
GSM Visa Applications Allocation Dates

Additional documentation or forms for unallocated applications lodged online must be attached online through the eVisa system. If you have additional documentation or forms for unallocated paper lodged applications please provide directly to the case officer once allocated.