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What is VEVO

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is a free, online service that allows visa holders and registered Australian organisations (such as Registered Migration Agents (RMAs), Australian employers, labour suppliers, education providers, financial institutions and government agencies) to check the details and entitlements of a visa.

VEVO means you no longer need a visa label in your passport.
See: About Your Visa

Who uses VEVO

Both visa holders and registered Australian organisations use VEVO.

Registered Australian organisations use VEVO (only with your consent, as the visa holder) to check the entitlements of your current visa. The most common users of the system are;

  • RMAs who monitor and check your visa details as part of their authorised RMA services
  • employers and labour supply companies, who confirm a visa holder's entitlement to work in Australia.

Other VEVO users include:

  • education providers who check the study entitlements of visa holders
  • other organisations that have a need to confirm visa conditions or check whether a person is in Australia permanently or temporarily.

See: VEVO Client Groups and Categories

Benefits of using VEVO

VEVO means there is no need to have a visa label in your passport. VEVO enables visa holders and registered Australian organisations to confirm your current visa details and entitlements.

You can also check the progress of the visa or citizenship application you lodged using the Query Application Status.
See: Check the Progress of an Application

Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) and Australian organisations use VEVO to check the visa status or entitlements of visa holders applying for:

  • visas
  • work
  • study
  • licenses
  • access to Government services such as Medicare.

Once registered a VEVO account will never expire.

VEVO is free and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. In the event that VEVO is unable to identify your visa holder, you are encouraged to use the online referral form.
See: Other Ways of Checking Entitlements > Online referral form

Processing times are faster using VEVO. Processing times are available.
See: Using VEVO > Processing times

Registering for VEVO

Australian based organisations that have not yet registered to use VEVO, can register at any time by completing the online registration form.
See: Register for VEVO

Individual visa holders do not need to register to use VEVO.


  • Organisations must have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • RMAs will need to provide their Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN). RMAs operating outside Australia will be provided instructions on the steps to take if they wish to register to use VEVO.
  • Education institutions should provide their Commonwealth Register for Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) number.
  • Organisations based outside Australia cannot register for VEVO.
  • Foreign governments in Australia will not be given access to VEVO.

How to use VEVO

To use VEVO, internet browsers must support 128-bit encryption.
See: Help and Browser Requirements > Browser requirements

Your visa details are attached to the passport you provided with your application and are linked to your record on the department's systems. To view your visa details you logon to VEVO using your visa related and passport information.
Note: You must advise the department of any change to your passport details.
See: Form 929 Change of address and/or passport details (89KB PDF file)

Registered Australian organisations
Will need to obtain (and retain) permission to undertake a VEVO check.
See: VEVO Questions > Organisation related enquiries > How do I obtain a visa holders' permission to access their details in VEVO?

Information detailing search requirements for organisations is available.
See: Using VEVO > Searching VEVO

Error messages may be encountered when using VEVO, information detailing the most common error messages and steps to take are available.
See: Help and Browser Requirements > Error messages

Categories organisations can register for

Only Australian based organisations can register for VEVO. Your organisations business requirement will determine the VEVO access provided. Information on VEVO client groups and categories is available.
See: VEVO Client Groups and Categories

RMAs are to register for the Migration Agents category. This category enables the RMA to check their client's visa details. Only RMAs are able to register for this category.

Employers and labour supply companies wanting to check work entitlements attached to a prospective or current employees visa should register under the work entitlements category. Further information is available.
See: Employing legal workers

Education institutions should register for either the study entitlements or work entitlements categories. The study entitlement category enables educational institutions to check the study entitlements of visa holding students. The work entitlements category enables education institutions to check work entitlements of prospective, or current, visa holding employees, if they are an employer.

If your organisation has a need to use VEVO for any other purpose, contact the department for help with your registration.
See: Departmental Telephone Numbers > Employers' Immigration Hotline