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Australia is a great place to do business. People wanting to start a business or invest in Australia can do so with the right visa.

Employers can bring genuinely skilled workers to Australia when they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian. Learn how businesses, employers, organisations, merchants and other professional clients can hire legal workers, obtain an APEC travel card, how to sponsor or nominate foreign workers and what the visa options are.

You can also discover the opportunities for doing business with us.



Checking your employee's Australian visa details

For business

  • APEC Business travel card: streamlines travel for business people from participating economies in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region.
  • Regulatory plans: Past and future regulatory change that is likely to be of interest to businesses in Australia because that change may have an impact on the way in which they do business.
  • Employers hub

Success stories

Photograph of Malik Osman

​Malik Osman is a young man with an exciting future ahead. He runs his own successful design business, is an award winning filmmaker and works on new media youth products for the NSW Community Relations Commission. Malik's drive and determination comes from his and his family's early life as Somalian refugees.