Health requirement

Australia enjoys some of the best health standards in the world. To maintain these standards, the majority of visa applicants are required to meet certain minimum health standards to be granted a visa. We refer to this as meeting 'the health requirement'.

Meeting the health requirement

Information on meeting the health requirement and health process for visa applications.

Overview of the health requirement

Background information on the purpose of the health requirement.

See Government's response to the report of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration entitled Enabling Australia: Inquiry into the Migration Treatment of Disability.

Health insurance

You are not required to hold health insurance in order to meet the health requirement for an Australian visa. However, if you are applying for certain temporary visas you might be required to provide evidence of adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. We also encourage all prospective visitors and residents to have adequate health insurance cover while staying in Australia.

Last reviewed Saturday 22 March 2014

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