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New South Wales Client Reference Group

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Information, Terms of Reference and other material related to the New South Wales Client Reference Group.

Terms of reference

The Client Reference Group for New South Wales will:

  1. As an external representative group, provide advice and comment on the quality and appropriateness of the department’s service delivery both in New South Wales and within the department’s national network of services.
    (Service Delivery is to cover all areas of the Department including Citizenship, Settlement and Compliance).
  2. Work with the department to ensure it:
    • is open and accountable
    • is fair and reasonable in its dealings with clients
    • has well trained and supported staff.
  3. Examine the development of alternative models of service delivery, including:
    • opening hours
    • the effectiveness of the outreach program
    • the capacity to further exploit the e-services environment
    • the use and effectiveness of the appointment system.
      (Alternate models of service delivery should maximise access for clients. The Client Reference Group also seeks to build partnerships with community groups and non-DIBP bodies that represent the needs of clients).
  4. Provide an opportunity for members to raise concerns regarding the application of departmental policy, procedures and impact of legislation.
  5. This is not a forum for the discussion of individual cases or interest group issues.
  6. The NSW Asylum Seekers Refugee Forum (NASRF) will deal with policy issues regarding refugees and asylum seekers.
  7. The department will update on progress of, and the making of changes, providing an opportunity for comment on proposed changes prior to implementation, where practicable.
  8. Meet a minimum of four times a year. The Client Reference Group will use all modes of communication for out of session issues and/or convene as required.


The table lists the members of the New South Wales Client Reference Group

Name Organisation
Ms Diana Cross ARUP
Ms Doris Gibb Commonwealth Ombudsman
Ms Edna McGill Ethnic Communities Council of NSW
Mrs Lisa D'Ambra Immigration Advice and Rights Centre
Ms Geraldine Read Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales
Ms Liana Allan Migration Alliance
Mr Christopher Levingston Migration Alliance
Ms Beatrice Leoncini Migration Alliance
Mr Frank Donatiello Migration Alliance (West Group)
Ms Angela Chan Migration Institute of Australia
Mr Jonathan Granger Migration Institute of Australia
Mr Kevin Lane Migration Institute of Australia
Mr Wayne Parcell Migration Institute of Australia
Mr Todd Fraser Migration Review Tribunal – Refugee Review Tribunal
Ms Ailsa Wilson Migration Review Tribunal – Refugee Review Tribunal
Ms Katie Malyon NSW Law Society
Ms Lindsey Cox NSW Trade and Investment
Ms Tanya Jackson-Vaughan Refugee Advice and Casework Service
Ms Andrea Christie-David Salvos Legal Humanitarian
Mr Geza Karacsony University of Western Sydney
Ms Melanie Duncan Victoria University (Sydney campus)

Further information

For further information on the New South Wales Client Reference Group or about the way we engage with stakeholders in NSW.
See: NSW Client Reference Group enquiry form

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