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Detention Health Advisory Group (DeHAG)

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The Detention Health Advisory Group (DeHAG) was formed in 2006 and plays a major role in providing DIAC with independent, expert advice on health policy, standards for health care services, data and reporting, and mental health training. DeHAG consists of the key health and mental health professional and consumer group organisations, and is chaired by Associate Professor Harry Minas who is also a member of Immigration Detention Advisory Group.

Terms of reference

The DeHAG will play a major role in providing the department with the necessary independent, expert advice to design, develop, implement and monitor health care services for people in detention centres and related facilities.

The department is reviewing the nature of detention services provision including health care services as a response to the Palmer and Comrie Reports. The delivery of primary health care and mental health services to people in detention will be a focus.

Specifically the DeHAG will provide expert opinion regarding:

  1. The design, development and implementation of health policy for the health care, including mental health care, of people in immigration detention. 
  2. Appropriate health care service standards which should be achieved in detention health services.
  3. Appropriate monitoring and reporting of detention health services and related information and data issues.
  4. The nature and scope of potential research required to facilitate improved health outcomes and management of health care in detention services.

The Detention Health Advisory Group will convene for an initial period of two years with an opportunity for members to review their position on an annual basis.


The following organisations participate in the Detention Health Advisory Group.


Australian Medical Association

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Mental Health Council of Australia

Australian Psychological Society

Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

Royal College of Nursing Australia

Public Health Association of Australia

Australian Dental Association.


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