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Citizenship processing time service standards

We aim to reach a decision on 80 per cent of fully complete citizenship applications within the timeframes detailed below.  It should be noted that individual actual processing times will vary depending on a range of factors.

Important note on service standards processing times:

  • They show the time taken to reach a decision on a complete application and do not include additional time required to attend a Citizenship Ceremony or receive a Citizenship Certificate.
  • They apply to citizenship applications lodged with complete documentation. Missing documentation will result in a longer processing time for applications.
  • Processing times given are for processing 80 per cent of all applications received and apply from the date a complete application is received by us.

Service standard processing times
Citizenship application Service standard
(80 per cent of applications processed within)
Australian Citizenship (time to decision)
See: Application process for Australian citizenship
80 calendar days
Evidence (time to decision)
See: Proof of your citizenship
1 week
See: Application process for citizenship by descent
1 month
See: Application process to resume Australian citizenship
3 months
See: Giving up your citizenship
2 months

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