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Visa Processing Time Service Standards

Processing time service standards for different types of visa applications are linked to the Portfolio Budget Statements. We aim to process 75 per cent of cases within these service standards, however actual processing times may vary depending on a range of factors.

The service standards:

  • are indicative only. Processing time on individual cases may vary depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of each case, as well as by location, reflecting the differing circumstances of national and regional caseloads
  • apply from date application is received by the department, including transfers from a service delivery partner and state and territory office
    Example: Processing time for an application lodged with a service delivery partner will commence once transferred to and received by the department
  • apply to visa applications lodged with complete documentation. Missing documentation will result in a longer processing time for applications
  • do not include the time taken to process nominations and/or sponsorship applications
  • processing times for online applications may also vary.

Links to processing times by visa type

The links below show the processing time service standards for different types of visa applications.

Last reviewed Thursday 28 August 2014