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Australia is a great place to live and work, offering lifestyle and employment opportunities. To work, you must have a valid Australian visa with work rights. A range of temporary and permanent skilled visas are available. Australian laws provide all employees with basic rights and protection in the workplace.

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Get started with SkillSelect

Getting started with SkillSelect 

If you like the idea of Australia's climate and lifestyle and are looking for a career challenge in a country with lots of opportunities - take the next step to find out more about Australia's skilled working visas.

Your journey starts when you submit an expression of interest for a skilled visa through SkillSelect. By using SkillSelect the Australian government could invite you to lodge a visa application or you could be nominated by an Australian or state and territory government. Find out what you need to do to complete your expression of interest through SkillSelect.

Living in Australia is an amazing experience

Watch Dr Meglin Rathnasamy

Dr. Meglin Rathnamasy, a South African dentist working in tropical far north. Watch his story about living and working in Australia.

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Live the life Australia                                          

Live the life Australia

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