Review of the student visa programme

The Hon Michael Knight AO conducted the first strategic review of the student visa program to help enhance the quality, integrity and competitiveness of the student program.

Mr Knight released his report, Strategic Review of the Student Visa Program 2011 (1.7 MB pdf) to government on 30 June 2011 with 41 recommendations.

Review of the Stu​dent visa Assessment Level Framework

On 29 October 2013, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection publically released the final report of the Review of the Student visa Assessment Level Framework.

The review considered how the student visa risk management framework could be reformed to achieve enhanced integrity in the student visa program while at the same time facilitating the competitiveness of Australia's international sector. Consideration of how the student visa risk management framework could be informed by a provider-based risk approach was a key issue for the review.

The review also examined whether the student visa risk framework was appropriately responsive to differences within countries and between education providers, what eligibility thresholds should apply, and how the framework will be reviewed to ensure future immigration risks are identified and managed.

The Review identified 8 recommendations which the department proposes will be implemented during 2014.
See: Review of the Student visa Assessment Level Framework (623 kB pdf)

Further information

The latest information is published on the department's website.​
Simplification of the Student visa Assessment Level Framework
Extension of streamlined visa processing to non-university education providers

Last reviewed Saturday 22 March 2014


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