Visa Entitlement Verification Online

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is a free online service that gives visa holders, employers and other registered organisations access to visa entitlements and status information 24 hours a day. VEVO means that there is no need to have a visa label in a passport.

Check your own visa details with VEVO 

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Register as a VEVO organisation

For visa holders

As a visa holder you can use VEVO to check your current visa details and entitlements. You can also send your entitlement details to any email address you like.

You do not need to register to use VEVO - all you need is your passport or ImmiCard details and one of the reference numbers that we have provided to you.

With your permission, VEVO can also give registered organisations a limited amount of relevant information on your visa conditions and codes. They can use this information to check if you are able to work or undertake other activities in Australia, such as study. Organisations do not see the same level of detailed information that is given to you.

VEVO will only provide information if your details are available electronically in our systems. Some foreign nationals, such as those permanent residents that migrated to Australia before the early 1990s and have not travelled out of Australia since, might not have a searchable record with us.

What does VEVO show me about my visa?

VEVO only provides the visa details of your current visa. It does not provide information on previous visas. VEVO will show:

  • visa class and subclass
  • visa description (student, temporary or permanent)
  • visa holder role type (primary or secondary applicant)
  • visa status
  • visa grant and expiry date
  • visa grant number (this is removed when you save or email your results)
  • the date you must enter Australia before for your visa to remain valid
  • entries allowed
  • period of stay
  • current location (in or outside Australia)
  • all conditions applicable to your visa in plain English.

Note: Only the primary visa applicant can use the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) and see the full visa details. Family members included in any visa application will be provided information that applies to their visa.

How to use VEVO

To find your visa details and entitlements in VEVO, you need to make sure that you have your passport or ImmiCard details with you. You will also need one of the select departmental reference numbers that we have previously given to you. You have the choice of the following Reference types:

  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN)
  • visa grant number
  • visa evidence number
  • password.

To start, select the Check your own visa details with VEVO to open the VEVO for Visa Holders service.

Then select which Reference type you want to use (Hint: you can then use the down arrow at the end of box to choose which type) and enter Reference number in the field that will now appear.

Next you will need to enter your date of birth, your passport or ImmiCard number and the country that issued you your passport - if you are using your ImmiCard, you will need to choose Australia. (Hint: use the calendar date picker at the end of the date of birth field and down arrow at the end of the country of Passport/ImmiCard field to make entering your information easier).

Then make sure that that you check the box to agree to VEVO’s Terms and Conditions and, finally, use the Submit button.

Information on accessing VEVO as a visa holder is available in the help and support user guides.

Finding your Transaction Reference Number (TRN)

Your Transaction Reference Number (or TRN) is the unique reference number given to each online application and is provided at the time you first start an online application. It is also included in our correspondence to you when you lodge your application online.

If you have lodged your application through ImmiAccount, you can also find your TRN there.

Finding your Visa Grant Number

The Visa Grant Number is a unique number that is included in the letter or email we sent to you to advise that you have been approved for a visa to Australia (your Visa Grant Notification Letter).

If you have lodged your application through ImmiAccount, you might also find a copy of your grant letter there.

Finding your Visa Evidence Number

If you have had a visa label placed in your passport, your Visa Evidence Number is found in the top right corner of that label. Enter the first 11 digits of your current visa number.

This would normally appear as a stick-in paper visa label placed in your passport. It could be in your current passport or a previous passport.

Australia's electronic visa system means visa holders no longer need a visa label to be placed in their passport to travel to or stay in Australia.

Your VEVO password

To create or change a password to check your own details in VEVO, you need to be in Australia and contact us through our general enquiries line.  You do not need a password to access your own details in VEVO as you can use your Transaction Reference Number, Visa Grant Number or Visa Grant Number instead.

Where to find your reference numbers

If you applied for your visa through ImmiAccount or have previously imported your application into your ImmiAccount, then you might be able to find the information there. It is also likely to have been included in any letters or emails that we have previously sent to you.

If you cannot remember your departmental reference number or you no longer have your visa grant notification in your possession you can request this information by completing the Request for reference number form and your reference number will be emailed to you.

Sending your VEVO Entitlement Check to someone else

There might be times when you want to send your visa status to someone else, such as an employer or landlord not registered to use VEVO, or to the government of a country you would like to visit.

You can do this by searching VEVO for your details and using the 'Send email' function from the Entitlement details screen.

You can then enter the email address of the person or organisation that you would like to receive your details (and your own email address so that you can receive a copy) and VEVO will send an email with your visa status directly to them.

More information on emailing visa entitlements is available in the user guides.

Save or print your search results

As a visa holder when you use VEVO, you can save or print your visa entitlement details for your own records, as long as you have access to Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can do this by using the 'View as PDF' button on the 'Entitlement details' screen.

You can then choose to save an electronic copy, or to open the PDF and print a paper copy, of your VEVO Entitlement Check.

More information on saving or printing visa entitlements is available in the user guides. Information on using Adobe Acrobat is also available.

Help and support

If you are experiencing difficulties with using VEVO,​ our help and support page for visa holders has information that might assist you. The page also includes frequently asked questions about VEVO.

For registered organisations

Registered organisations can use VEVO to check a foreign national’s entitlement to live, work and study in Australia.  You must have the foreign national’s permission before you conduct any VEVO check.

Only information about foreign nationals who have their details available in our systems can be checked in VEVO.  Some foreign nationals, such as those permanent resident that migrated to Australia before the early 1990s and who have not since travelled out of Australia, might not have a searchable record with us.

VEVO is one way of checking someone’s right to work in Australia.  If you are unable to use VEVO to confirm your employee’s right to work, please go to our Employing Legal Workers webpage which sets out other options that are available to you.

How to register to use VEVO

Organisations can register for VEVO at any time by completing the online registration form. The types of organisations that register for VEVO include:

  • Registered Migration Agents (RMAs)
  • employers
  • labour suppliers
  • education providers
  • financial institutions and
  • Government agencies.

To register you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Those looking to apply for ‘Registered Migration Agent’ access to VEVO will need to provide their Migration Agent Registration Number.  If you are based outside Australia and do not have an ABN, you will need to apply for one from the Australian Business Register.

Education institutions should provide their Commonwealth Register for Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) number or the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) number, if not the CRICOS number is not available.
Note: Foreign governments in Australia cannot register for VEVO.  If you are a representative of a foreign government and need to know the visa status of a foreign national in Australia, you can ask them to email you their status directly from VEVO.

More information about registering is available on the register as a VEVO organisation page.

Requirements to check a foreign national’s details

VEVO does not provide evidence of the identity of a person. Always sight the passport or the identity document, such as ImmiCard, that was used for the VEVO Entitlement Check; to confirm their identity and ensure that it matches the details shown in the VEVO Entitlement Check.

You must also request and retain the visa holder’s permission to check their details in VEVO.

When using VEVO you need to be aware of the following:

  • VEVO will not confirm or display the name of the visa holder as recorded in our systems.
  • Visa holders do not require a visa label or stamp in their passport.
  • Only holders of non-Australian passports can be checked in VEVO.
    • VEVO will not allow details of Australian passports to be entered.
    • ImmiCard is the only Australian issued document able to be searched in VEVO.

To start checking visa holder’s details and entitlements, please use the person's passport or ImmiCard and enter their:

  • name (family and given) – this should be as it appears on the person’s passport
  • date of birth
  • passport or ImmiCard number
  • country of passport (in the case of an ImmiCard, this will be Australia).

If you encounter error messages when using VEVO, information detailing the most common error messages and steps to take is available in 'Common questions'.

Save or print search results

As a registered organisation you can save or print the visa entitlement details.

To save or print visa entitlement details, you need access to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

More information on saving or printing visa entitlements is available in the user guides.

Not registered for VEVO but need to find out someone’s visa status?

Visa holders are able to send you their visa status directly from VEVO.  They will need to access VEVO and use the 'email entitlements' function.

We do encourage eligible organisations with a need to confirm the visa status of a foreign national, such as employers checking the work rights of a potential employee, to register as a VEVO Organisation account holder.  This will keep a record for you of the searches that you have conducted and the responses that were provided to you.

Help and support

If you are experiencing difficulties with using VEVO,​ our help and support page for registered organisations has information that might assist you. The page also includes frequently asked questions about VEVO.



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