eVisas- Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Transaction Reference Number (TRN)?

A Transaction Reference Number (TRN) is a unique number assigned to each online application. You will need this to:

  • track and manage your application
  • identify your application when you communicate with us
  • check your visa entitlements.

What applications are given TRNs?

We give TRNs to all online applications except the Electronic Travel Authority. You can find more information at Electronic Travel Authority.

What do I do if I did not get my TRN or I have forgotten it? 

You will be able to see the TRN for your application in your ImmiAccount. You can also find your TRN on:

  • the payment receipt we gave you when you completed your online application
  • your acknowledgement letter
  • your completed online application form
  • your grant notification letter.

I cannot locate my previous Visa Evidence Number, is this question mandatory?

The Visa Evidence Number question in your online application is not mandatory. If you do not have a visa label in your passport you do not have to answer this question. If we give you a visa label and you want to enter your previous Visa Evidence Number, use the symbol next to the question. This will show you where to find your Visa Evidence Number on the visa label.

Can I copy and paste information from a document into my online application?

The online application lets you copy information from document formats such as Microsoft Word and paste it into the text fields of the online form.

When copying information you must:

  • remove all formatting such as bullet points, numbering and accents from your document
  • use only use numbers 0 – 9 and letters A – Z (upper and lower case), dashes – and underscores _.

If you use unrecognised characters or specific formats, you might not be able to submit your application or view its PDF version and you also might receive this error message:
'This service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later'.

If this happens, you must remove the invalid characters in your application before you can continue.

When can I attach documents to my online application?

You can attach documents to your online application:

  • as soon as you submit it
  • until we finalise your application.

You can find more information at Attaching documents to an online application

Can I get a copy of my online application emailed to me?

You will be able to access your online application through your ​​​ImmiAccount​.

How do I change or update information I have provided on my lodged online application?

If you need to change an incorrect answer or update information in your online application, you should contact the office processing your application or attach Form 1023 – Notification of incorrect answer(s) (248KB PDF) or Form 1022 – Notification of Changes in Circumstances (266KB PDF) to your application in ImmiAccount. You should use Form 1022 to tell us about changes, such as:

  • serious illness
  • relationship status (married, divorced, entered a de facto relationship)
  • engagement
  • a change of name
  • birth of a child.

What do I do if I get error messages when I try and complete my application?

You cannot apply if you get one of these error messages.

  • 'We are currently experiencing a technical issue with our systems'
  • 'This page cannot be displayed'
  • 'Server 500'.

We will be working to restore service as soon as possible and ask that you try again after 30 minutes.

These systems might be unavailable:

  • ImmiAccount
  • eLodgement (Online visa and citizenship applications)
  • Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)
  • LEGENDcom.

For more information on online applications, including common online error messages see our ImmiAccount page.