Attach documents to an online application

You can attach documents to an online application when it has been submitted.

Visa application

To attach documents to your online visa application you will need to login to your ImmiAccount. If you do not have an account you will need to create one to access most online services.
See: ImmiAccount

If you started an online visa application before 6 December 2013 you will need to import your application into your ImmiAccount. To import an application that is not in your account you will need to provide the following information:

  • Application type
  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN)
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Country of passport.

If you do not remember your TRN you can request for it to be sent to you through your ImmiAccount. Unfortunately applications with only a Saved ID cannot be retrieved.

Guidelines on attaching documents to an online visa application

This information offers you guidance in attaching documents to your online visa application. You can attach documents once you have submitted and paid for your application, until it is finalised by the us.

Please check the relevant document checklist for the subclass you are applying for to see which documents to attach to your application.

Note: Only attach copies of your passport pages if we have requested you to do so, or if your passport information is different from that entered into your online application.

File naming tips

When naming your files to be attached to an online application only use numbers 0–9 and letters A–Z (upper and lower case), dashes '–' and underscores '_'. 

You must avoid using spaces ' ', periods '.', ampersand '&', hash '#', star '*', exclamation marks '!', quotations ‘’ "" and any other character that is not a letter, a number, a dash or an underscore.

Compressed files 

We are not able to accept files that have been compressed. A compressed file is a container for documents, programs or other files that have been packaged together and reduced in size.

A common example is files compressed using WinZip® with a ‘.zip’ file extension. If the document you are attempting to attach is too large we recommend that you create a PDF document.

What can you attach?

We are able to accept the following file formats up to 5 MB in size:

Extension ​File type
.BMP ​Bitmap image file
​Microsoft Word 2002 or older document
​Microsoft Word 2007 document
​Microsoft Word 2003 template
​Graphics Interchange Format image or graphics file
​JPEG image file
​Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format file
​Microsoft PowerPoint presentation document
​Rich Text Format document
​Text file
​Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document

The following table details the maximum number of files you are able to attach to each online application.

Application type Maximum number of files




eVisitor 30
Partner 60 per applicant
Resident Return 30
Skilled Migration 60
Student 30
Temporary Work (Short Stay) 60 per applicant
Visitor 30
Temporary Work (Skilled) visa 457

60 per applicant
Working Holiday 30

Tips for reducing file size 

The following table contains tips for reducing the size of your attachments:

Extension ​File type ​Tip to reduce file size
.BMP ​Bitmap image ​Use a freeware graphics program to convert .BMP files to .JPG files.
.DOC ​Word document ​Remove unnecessary images, formatting and macros. Save the file as a Word 5.0/95 version. If the file is still too large, create a PDF document.
.DOCX ​Word 2007 document ​Remove unnecessary images, formatting and macros. If the file is still too large, create a PDF document.
.DOT ​Word template ​Remove unnecessary images and macros. If template functionality is not necessary, save the file as a .DOC or .RTF file.
.GIF ​GIF image ​Reduce the file size of a .GIF image by setting the resolution to 96 DPI (dots per inch).
.JPG ​JPG image ​Reduce the file size of a .JPG image by setting the resolution to 96 DPI (dots per inch).
.PDF ​Portable document format Reduce the file size of a .PDF document by:
  • Recreating the PDF with Distiller set to 'lowest file size'.
  • Ensuring that all images in the PDF are set to 96 DPI.
.PPT PowerPoint

Save the file as a RTF or DOC file or create a PDF document.

.RTF Rich text format Remove any unnecessary graphics, links or formatting.
.TXT Text file If a bare text file is over 500 kB, it will be physically too long to be useful. Consider splitting the document into more useful parts or removing unnecessary data.
.XLS Excel Spreadsheet Remove unnecessary images and macros. Save the file as an Excel 5.0/95 version.

Citizenship application

To attach documents to your Citizenship application you will need to use your unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN) and the Password that you supplied when the application was created and saved.


For more information on your eVisa application, see eVisa FAQ.

Last reviewed Wednesday 8 October 2014


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