Information Publication Scheme


This agency publication plan is for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) establishes an Information Publication Scheme (IPS) for Australian Government agencies subject to the FOI Act. The IPS commenced on 1 May 2011 and requires agencies to publish a broad range of information on their website and to make it available for downloading where possible.

The IPS forms the basis for an open transparent culture across government and aims to transform the freedom of information (FOI) framework from one that responds to individual requests to one that requires a proactive approach to publishing information.

We are an agency subject to the FOI Act and are required to comply with the IPS requirements.

Our department is headed by the Secretary and five Deputy Secretaries. Our key objectives are to:

  • manage the lawful and orderly entry and stay of people in Australia, including through effective border security
  • promote a society which values Australian citizenship, appreciates cultural diversity and enables migrants to participate equitably.

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) reports directly to the Secretary of the department and commenced operations on 1 July 2009. References to the department in response to the IPS include the Office of the MARA as appropriate.


We created an Agency Publication Plan with the purpose of:

  • assisting us in planning and developing its contribution to the IPS
  • facilitating public consultation about that contribution
  • showing what information the agency proposes to publish (referred to as the IPS information holdings), how and to whom the information will be published and how we will otherwise comply with the IPS requirements.

In this plan, information to be published by us under the IPS is referred to as the IPS information holdings, or as the IPS documents when referring to individual documents.

This plan describes how the department proposes to implement and administer the IPS in respect of its information holdings, by addressing:

  • information architecture
  • information required to be published
  • other information to be published (optional information)
  • accessibility to information published.

The publication plan supports our commitment to ensure that we are open and accountable, deal fairly and reasonably with our clients and have staff that are well trained and supported.


Our objectives in this plan are to outline the mechanisms and procedures to:

  • manage the IPS information holdings
  • proactively identify and publish all information required to be published
  • proactively identify and publish any optional information to be published
  • review and ensure on a regular basis that information published under the IPS is accurate, up to date and complete
  • ensure satisfactory conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (Version 2) (WCAG2.0).

We also aim to reduce the number of formal requests which applicants would otherwise be required to make under the FOI Act by making information that is regularly sought readily available and accessible to them.

Information Architecture

The IPS information holdings that are available on our website will be published and/or linked to various sites within the website, under the following headings:

  • Agency Publication Plan
  • Agency Organisation
  • Agency Functions and decision making powers
  • Statutory Appointments
  • Annual reports to Parliament
  • Consultation arrangements
  • FOI disclosure log
  • Information routinely given to Parliament
  • Contact details
  • Operational information
  • Optional Information published by the department.

To ensure that the IPS information holdings (and individual IPS documents) are easily accessible we will endeavour to:

  • design and publish an IPS entry point on our website
  • provide a search function for our website.

Information required to be published

We publish most documents required to be published under the IPS on our website or by the links provided in this plan.

Operational information will be listed on our website. It can be accessed by contacting the FOI and Privacy Policy Section.

Postal address
FOI & Privacy Policy Section
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
PO Box 25
Belconnen ACT 2616

Telephone: 131 881
Fax: 02 6264 1818

We will publish these documents in accordance with the timeframe set out in the Indicative Timetable – WCAG2.0 Conformance.

Agency Plan

Our Agency Publication Plan is available for viewing on our website.


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