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This page provides us the information on a range of engagement types with external non-government groups where the purpose is other than advisory.

DIBP-NGO dialogue on humanitarian issues

The DIBP–NGO dialogue is held twice a year in Melbourne and Sydney alternatively. The aim of the dialogue is to develop and further strengthen relationships between the department and peak NGOs who are stakeholders in the management of the Humanitarian Programme. It also provides an opportunity to receive feedback on services delivered and to discuss any issues of concern to NGOs.


The table lists the invitees of the DIBP–NGO dialogue on humanitarian issues.

Invitees of the DIBP-NGO dialogue on humanitarian issues
Position Organisation
National Director Amnesty International
Director Australian Catholic Migration and Refugee Office
Chief Executive Officer Australian Red Cross Society
Executive Member Forum of Australian Services for the
Survivors of Torture and Trauma
President International Commission of Jurists Australian
Regional Representative International Organization for Migration
Director Jesuit Refugee Service
Principal Member Migration Review Tribunal – Refugee Review Tribunal
Policy and Advocacy Director National Council of Churches in Australia/Act for Peace
Chief Executive Officer Refugee Council of Australia
President Refugee Council of Australia
Executive Director and Principal Solicitor Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre
Executive Officer Settlement Council of Australia
Regional Representative The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

DIBP Industry Stakeholder Consultations 

A forum for the department to update the international education industry on visa initiatives, seek feedback and input on performance and policy developments. The industry is able to alert the department to emerging issues.

A forum jointly convened between our department and Department of Education to update the international education industry on whole-of-government issues.


Below is the list of the members of the Department Industry Stakeholder Consultations:

  • English Australia
  • Independent Schools Council of Australia
  • Schools International Government Group
  • TAFE Directors Australia
  • Australian Council of Independent Vocational Colleges
  • Universities Australia
  • Australian Council of Private Education and Training
  • National Liaison Committee for International Students
  • National Catholic Education Commission
  • International Education Association of Australia
  • Australian TAFE International Network
  • Australian Universities International Directors Forum
  • International Education Association of Australia
  • ISANA.

Education Services for Overseas Students implementation group

A forum of Australian Government and State/Territory Government officers involved in the implementation of the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (the National Code). The forum ensures nationally consistent implementation of the National Code through multilateral discussions.


Below is the list of the members of the Education Services for Overseas Students Implementation Group:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • State and Territory Registration Authorities.

Education Visa Consultative Committee 

Terms of reference

The Education Visa Consultative Committee (EVCC) provides a forum for the Australian Government to engage with key stakeholders to share information and discuss policy matters regarding student visas.

The EVCC provides a forum for members to:

  • provide input and feedback on policy matters involving student visas
  • discuss emerging trends and issues in the international education sector which may impact on student visas
  • share information on operational initiatives regarding student visas.


The EVCC is chaired by the department. It includes key Australian Government agencies with an interest in student visas, peak bodies representing the international education sector, states and territories and representatives of business and the unions.

Below is the list of the members of the Education Visa Consultative Committee:

  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Chair)
  • Department of Education (DoE)
  • Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
  • All state and territory governments
  • Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)
  • Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
  • Australian Government Schools International (AGSI)
  • Business Council of Australia (BCA)
  • Council of International Students Australia (CISA)
  • Council of Private Higher Education (COPHE)
  • English Australia (EA)
  • International Education Association Australia (IEAA)
  • Independent Schools Council of Australia  (ISCA)
  • TAFE Directors Australia (TDA)
  • Universities Australia (UA).


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