Our service standards

Service standards outline the level of performance we aspire to deliver and show what you can reasonably expect from us under normal circumstances.  We aim to process 75% of complete applications within visa service standard processing times.  

Our ability to achieve these goals is affected by factors such as the number of applications we receive and resources we have been allocated to process applications. We base our resourcing for migration programmes on government set annual planning levels.  Our service standards are measured from the date we receive your complete application to the date of the final decision. 

Actual processing times will vary between offices and locations according to a number of factors such as:

  • how easily we can check the information you have provided
  • how long it takes to receive additional information required from areas outside the department
  • how well and how quickly you respond to any requests or concerns
  • whether you have attached supporting documents when you lodge your application
  • how many places we are resourced for in the migration programmes.

Service standard processing times are aspirational and are not a guarantee that your application will be processed in the time listed. They do not include time taken to process nominations and sponsorship applications.  You should allow additional time for this.

Links to processing times by visa type

The links below show the processing time service standards for different types of visa applications.

Last modified Wednesday 8 October 2014


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