Fact sheets

Fact sheets provide information about Australian immigration and citizenship. They are updated when new information or statistics become available.
Note: Fact sheets may be taken offline for amendment at any time.

An overview of the department and its programmes

Migration and settlement research and statistical information

An overview of Australia's Migration Programme

See also: Fact Sheet 79 The Character Requirement

Information about skilled migration

Note: Fact Sheet 48 Assisting Skilled and Business People, includes information on assisting business people to migrate.

Information about family migration

Information about special eligibility migration

An overview of the Temporary Residence Programme

Information about visitors and tourists

Note: Fact Sheet 22 The Health Requirement, includes information on health checks for temporary residents.

An overview of the Humanitarian Programme

Managing Australia's borders

Immigration detention in Australia

Australia's settlement services



Success stories

Photograph of Malik Osman

​Malik Osman is a young man with an exciting future ahead. He runs his own successful design business, is an award winning filmmaker and works on new media youth products for the NSW Community Relations Commission. Malik's drive and determination comes from his and his family's early life as Somalian refugees.

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