About border security

This page provides facts and figures about securing Australia's borders.

National security

The Australian Government adopts a whole-of-government approach to its national security. You can find out more about other agencies' contributions to Australia's national security here.

Australian National Security

We maintain the Movement Alert List and enforce Australia's visa regime. We also actively engaged in a number of international data-accessing initiatives aimed at preventing the movement of terrorists or terrorist groups. Find out more information about Australia's whole-of-government approach to national security at the Australian National Security website.

Border Protection Command

Border Protection Command provides security for Australia's offshore maritime areas by combining the resources and expertise of Customs and Defence, and working with officers from the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, and other federal agencies. 

Statistical information

A range of statistical information concerning arrivals, departures and temporary entrants.

Overseas Arrivals and Departures tables
Overseas Arrivals and Departures statistics describe the number of movements of travellers. Tables for Total Movements, Settler Arrivals, Student Arrivals, Temporary Resident Arrivals, Visitor Arrivals and Permanent Departures.

Temporary Entrants in Australia Tables
Temporary Entrants in Australia statistics, also known as stock data, provide a quarterly snapshot of all temporary entrants and New Zealand citizens present in Australia at a particular date. Tables on Students, Temporary Residents, Visitors, Total Temporary Residents and New Zealand Citizens.

Community Information Summaries
Summary descriptions of Overseas-born Australian communities (Country of Origin), with sections on Historical Background, Geographic Distribution, Age and Sex distributions, Educational Qualifications, Employment Characteristics, Citizenship, Language, Religion and Ancestry.

Migration and Humanitarian Program statistics
Total Migration Program figures by major categories for the years 1999-2000 to planning levels for 2003-04; Total Humanitarian Grants by major categories for the years 1999-2000 to 2003-04.

Settlement Reports
Custom reports and summary reports drawn from the Settlement database, describing the total number of settlers arriving in Australia in the calendar year 2000. Variables include Migrant/Refugee Numbers, Sex and Age Distribution, Language, Religion, Country of Birth, English Proficiency by Migration Stream, and English Proficiency by State/Territory.

Other departmental website statistical information:

Fact sheets and reference information

Fact Sheets and other documents outlining details about the protection of Australia's borders and how to enter Australia legally.

Border Security Fact Sheets explain various aspects of the protecting Australia's borders and ensuring people have the required authorisation to enter the country.
See: Fact Sheet Index > Border Control

More information

Specific Fact Sheets provide information about entry document requirements.




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