Illegal maritime arrivals

Australia does not provide permanent protection to people who arrive illegally by boat or plane. People who arrived illegally by boat are referred to as illegal maritime arrivals (IMAs).

IMAs have the option to return home voluntarily at any time. For more information, watch the Return home voluntarily video and visit Voluntary Returns.

Information for people who arrived illegally and have questions about the processing of their protection claims

Information about the processing of protection claims by illegal arrivals is available in the When will my claims for asylum be considered? page.

Bridging visas for illegal maritime arrivals

A Bridging visa is a temporary visa that lets holders remain in the community while their immigration status remains unresolved. Only the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (the minister) has the power to grant Bridging visa Es (BVEs) to illegal maritime arrivals.

Illegal maritime arrivals living in the Australian community on a BVE cannot apply for a further Bridging visa. If the minister is considering granting a further BVE to an illegal maritime arrival, the department will contact them. For this reason it is very important to inform us of changes to contact details.

For more information, see our fact sheet 65 - Bridging visas for illegal maritime arrivals.

Code of behaviour

A code of behaviour applies to all adult illegal maritime arrivals who are considered for the grant of ​a Bridging visa E (BVE) by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

The code of behaviour must be signed and witnessed. You will need to sign Form 1443 Code of Behaviour for Subclass 050 Bridging (General) (316KB PDF)

For assistance with this form email​ or talk to your service provider.

Form 1444i – Code of Behaviour for Subclass 050 Bridging (General) visa holders Supporting Information:

Disallowance of regulation 866.222

On 14 December 2013, the Australian Government introduced a new regulation relating to protection visas that prevents anyone who came to Australia unlawfully from being granted a permanent protection visa. This regulation was disallowed on 27 March 2014.

Refusals that were made under this regulation remain valid as the regulation was valid at the time of decision. The government remains committed to only granting temporary protection to illegal arrivals by boat or by plane.

Information for service providers regarding the regulation 866.222 disallowance is available.

Last reviewed Thursday 25 September 2014