Graduate development programme

Embark on an exciting career with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection graduate programme.

With the integration of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service in July 2015, this a unique opportunity to join an organisation that touches almost every part of Australian life—industry and commerce, trade and travel, our national security, the protection of our community and the enforcement of our laws, the security of our offshore maritime resources and environment, and the collection of revenue for the Australian Government.

Our APS 4 graduate programme offers many exciting and diverse career opportunities as well as professional mentoring and development.

Applications for the 2016 graduate programme will open on 9 April 2015 and close on 23 April 2015.

Who are our graduates?

To be part of our team, you’ll need to be motivated, flexible and adaptable to change, work collaboratively, a great communicator and behave with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

We recruit graduates in two development streams: information communication technology (ICT) and generalist.

Generalist graduates

The programme is designed for you to gain experience in a number of areas within the department. You will develop a broad knowledge of the portfolio and the work of different business areas and gain valuable experience and a good understanding of policy, programme, and service delivery work.
As a graduate you could be involved in work as diverse as:

  • temporary and permanent migration initiatives which meet Australia’s economic, social and demographic needs
  • case management and care arrangements to provide early migration resolution for people in immigration detention
  • refugee and humanitarian issues
  • citizenship
  • interpreting and applying legislation
  • international engagement and border management
  • border enforcement, intelligence and compliance
  • integrity, security and assurance
  • legal services
  • maritime capability
  • policy and research
  • people and corporate services.

This is why we recruit from a broad range of degree disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Criminology/Criminal justice
  • Statistics
  • International relations
  • Political science
  • Asian studies
  • Public administration policy
  • Law
  • Business/Commerce
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Information technology or ICT disciplines.

The majority of our generalist graduate positions are located in Canberra. There may be a limited number of positions available at some of our state and territory offices. You should be willing to relocate to Canberra if necessary. We provide some financial assistance if you need to relocate.

ICT graduates

There is a streamed programme specifically for ICT graduates. ICT graduates are recruited with relevant skills to work in our ICT environment. There are over 1000 people in our ICT workforce covering a wide range of ICT disciplines. As an ICT graduate you could be involved in work as diverse as:

  • business and systems analysis
  • IT architecture
  • application testing
  • data management
  • application development

High quality ICT graduates are recruited each year from a diverse range of ICT related disciplines. ICT graduates have the opportunity to train, work with and contribute to teams using a wide range of environments and technologies.

All ICT graduate positions are located in Canberra at our National Office so you need to be willing to relocate if necessary. We provide some financial assistance if you need to relocate.

Personal and professional development

You will complete a 10 month programme that offers exposure to challenging and rewarding experiences through work rotations across various areas. The programme incorporates structured learning and development that includes a mentor, formal courses and workshops.

The Graduate Development Programme provides a solid base for your career with us and the Australian Public Service. At the completion of your probation and the 10 month programme, you will be an ongoing full time employee of the department at the APS 4 level.

Minimum requirements

Our graduates are required to:

  • have a minimum three year undergraduate degree obtained in the last five years
  • hold Australian citizenship
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra if required.

These are designated security assessed positions. The successful applicants will be required to undergo a security clearance, and an Organisational Suitability Assessment.


Applications close 23 April 2015. Access the online application form on our Jobs List.

For further information on the selection process contact



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